Branding, Packaging, Print

Sonal Dryfruit is an Indian manufacturer and retailer of nuts and dry fruits. Breaking into the snacks market on a large scale, they aim to promote smart and healthy snacking in an attempt to replace unhealthy snacking habits.

We worked on the branding and packaging for Sonal Dryfruit, basing the designs on the principles of clean eating. Making that the focal point of the logo, we created a simple and smart unit that brings the message home. The packaging fell in tandem with the logos sharp and simple sensibilities and is a clean stand out from the market competitors style of crowded graphics.
Logo options.
Logo colours on different backgrounds.
Quality stamp created to go on the packaging.
Packaging for retail sale. 
The shapes on the 30g and 250g pack when kept side-by-side, create an arrow. 
The arrow is used as a symbol for moving forward towards a healthier tomorrow. 
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