Branding, Packaging, Print

The Bao Haus Co. is a Vietnamese take away restaurant, which focuses on being a refreshing and different change from the regular take out options. The brief was to create logo design and packaging which was fresh and fun and symbolised their love for experimenting with new food and cuisines. They wanted out with the boring, and in with eclectic, modern, fresh and simple food.
The logo had to be modern and fun, yet appealing to different types of people - women and men. The logo needed some Asian influences, but only a hint. The chef and owner did not want to completely typecast the company as an Asian one. Most importantly, the logo had to be attractive and intriguing with seamless packaging.
Logo development routes.
Final Logo
The delivery box for The Bao Haus Co. was made of an economical kraft paper with the logo screen printed on it.
Stickers created to seal the boxes, indicate the contents and add a design element.
Picture Courtsey: TheBaoHausCo Instagram Page
Delivery Menu Design
Packaging design for proposed sauces.
Packaging design for proposed spices.
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